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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lunch Report: The New Krystal Burger at Alamo Ranch...

Okay, technically, not really in Alamo Ranch, but close enough to sit in traffic for several minutes, right?

And if we hadn't been going to the HEB on the corner, and had my wife not mentioned the new Krystal Burger was open, and had I not been hankerin' for something vittle-like to toss down my gullet, we might not have pulled in to the newest location.

Ah yes, Krystal Burger. Isn't there a yearly contest where skinny Japanese fellows attempt to stuff themselves in a minute with these square little goodness burgers, only to see some fat American double the intake in half the time? I could be wrong, but according to the box my little burger came in, some dude consumed over a hundred of these bute's in a matter of minutes. No wonder we are so fat. We make eating a sport. And I'm here to tell you about it.
We started to open the front door of the place but I saw what I suspected was a line. I suggested to my wife we go get something healthy and try the new KB another time, but it turned out, most of the people in line were managers and supervisors hanging out. We proceeded with caution.Let me cut directly to the chase; service was awesome! The place is small - too small in my mind, but having said that, we ordered and had nothing but polite and helpful people easing us through the process, and explaining to us that they would bring us our food soon, if only we would take a little number and set it on our table. We did as they asked, and in turn, they delivered.The managers in the corner looked on.Between the two of us, we ordered a mountain of burgers, little chili dogs and a few buckets of fries. Just to test them, we ordered one tea sweet, and the other without; both were tasty. For your own score card, we were number 19 today.In case you have never indulged, the KB's are little square burgers. The patties are seriously thin little strips of meat and the buns are some soft little dinner rolls like you might experience on Thanksgiving. Add some reconstituted onions, a pickle, cheese if you need, and dig in for a bite or two, because that is all it will take to finish. Of course, you'll need to buy more than one if you are hungry rather than just curious.The fries are excellent. I submit that these fries can actually compete with McDonald's. Hate Mickey D's all you like but admit that they have the best fries. If you can't stomach Ronald's anymore, go to Krystal and you'll be good to go.The little chili dogs: My wife liked them, I thought they were nasty. We don't always agree on food. If you like Sonic's foot longs, you'll like Krystal's 3 incher. I don't care for either. Nor do I care for thier chili dogs.

These little burgers are a novelty to me. I could eat these in a car, I could eat these in a bar, I could, well... you get the idea. The point being that there is nothing that would make me go out of my way to crave a KB, but if I was hungry for lunch and it was nearby, I'd surely stop in for several more along with the fries.
We'll see how long it lasts, but for now, the service at Krystal on 1604 and Culebra is outstanding. That is enough to warrant a visit and to at least say you have been.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love Krystal's. We don't have any nearby where I live now, but when I lived in Georgia, they were a regular stop for us.

Anonymous said...

........its hip to be square......

brenty said...

Krystal's cannot compare to White Castle up north if you like sliders. Mmmmm I miss WC

M2 said...

Errrr...Krystals and White Castles are the same thing (except that Krystals are better!). The only difference is mustard vs ketchup!

And in case you are wondering why I decided to comment on a blob that's almost a year old, I did the drive-thru at Krystals today and snagged a "Steamer," a box of 24 of the little buggers. God help my heart; but I love these things and will gorge myself on them every once and a while.

Cheers! M2

Dave said...

snagged a "Steamer,"

Hmmm... as long as it isn't a Cleveland Steamer...

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