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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And Then There Were Just Two of us...

I'm sure every parent goes through this little adjustment period when it finally comes to fruition; the transition into empty-nest hood. We did it as my son had his stuff all packed up and shipped off to Florida and just Tuesday, headed off on his own for Alabama to attend "Lt School".On one hand, you are so excited to watch your kids head off into the great unknown to pursue dreams and life on their own, but on the other, that life is so far from home. I guess I should know...

It has been two years since my daughter left for the military. She is married, happy, and far away, but in this day and age with the Internet, cell phones and Skype, we stay in touch. We talked to my son numerous times between San Antonio and Montgomery.

My wife and I thought about the fact that, back in the day when we left home, we didn't have the luxury of such communications. When we lived in Italy, we would make monthly phone calls that lasted maybe 10 minutes at the most, because anything else would have simply been cost prohibitive.

Letters would take easily ten days from the time we wrote until our parents would read them. Just today, my daughter and I traded five or six e-mails in about three minutes. Things are different for sure. But aside from all this easy access to communications, this is still a change in life.

My wife told me last night that it occurred to her that we had only been alone for 11 months before the first kid came along. We really don't remember what it is like to be without kids; my wife is incapable of making dinner for just two. We might have to open a restaurant, just to get rid of all the stuff we can't eat.

Or maybe since we don't have to set a good example, we'll just have ice cream for breakfast and waffles for dinner. Who knows?


Maureen said...

Or maybe, you could start feeding your wonderful neighbors! What time is dinner usually? We'll be happy to help y'all out. And--bonus! On the nights we want to go out, we can still send the 12 year old bottomless pit over. This is going to be great!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My husband and I were married for almost 5 years before child #1 came along and now, I cook for 3 and a half (3 regular people and one toddler). It becomes easy to adjust up or down... just a trial and error type thing. But, aren't we so happy to have email and cell phones?? I know you and your wife lead full, happy lives already and while the adjustment may be bittersweet, I think you'll do great. :-)

RB said...


I have an 11 year old and a two year old I could loan you guys. As a bonus, they love to eat!

Sid said...


It's so good that the kids can keep up with you and Eva even via reading your blog, not just by e-mails and phone.

As for the meals-for-three issue, I know an always hungry, over-fifty, retired teacher who'd more than happily fill Taz's empty chair. Hmmmm... but then Eva would have to prepare Army-size (or should that be Air Force-size?) portions to satisfy this hefty appetite!

Seriously though, I know you two are going to miss your son very much.

I wish Taz the best as he goes off to his new military life. (Every night at dinner, he will probably be wishing he were at home eating Mom's delicious home cooking and enjoying table chat with good ol' Mom and Dad.)


Anonymous said...

Um....This base closes down by 1900... I made it to the commissary just in time to buy fixins for a ham and cheese...my dinner :(

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