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Friday, October 3, 2008

Square Meat on a Grill...

...must be Bauer Burgers!I don't want to make any local restaurateurs nervous, but sometimes, instead of paying for a huge delicious burger, we like to take a few minutes and make our own home style, lip smackin', patties. My goodness; is that two kinds of cheese oozing out?Ya' grill e'm up and toast some big bread...Then add the fixin's and some fries... Pure heaven on Texas Toast.


muse said...

Looks yummy. It seems unusual...THERE are NO onion rings! I know they are messy, but if your grillin and fryin...why not?

Do you need a good recipe? one that is fail proof? No eggs needed?

Use buttermilk instead of egg/milk mixture. Season up the flour the way you like. Slice thick or thin if you want them uniform use a manodlin or lunchmeat slicer. Separate onion slices into rings, buttermilk bath, flour and fry. If I'm fryin' I like to use peanut oil, but you choose.

I was looking for a specific post last night and earlier today, so that is why I hit up your blog with multiple visits.

maureen said...

Those look incredibly good. I'm trying this next weekend.

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