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Friday, October 10, 2008

Adventures in Garage Sailing...

So we were at an awesome garage sale last weekend. We were over off of Timber Ranch and Tezel and found this house with loads of good stuff.My wife paid $.25 to feed some Coy in the pond in the front yard. How cool is that?Oh, and she found a guy in a tub to sit on top of my computer. Hell, I don't know if I should be honored or embarrassed!


Anonymous said...

Eva says:)

Be honored... I thought he reminded me of Clint. Than someone else said he looked like you in the blog picture so with the magic of a few markers and the flag on the side . He now looks like you. Except his beard is lots darker:)
love ya

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That figurine is sooo neat! I would love that. You should be honored. :-)

maureen said...

Haha, he looks like Chuck Norris to me. Sweet find!

Dave said...

That figurine is sooo neat! I would love that. You should be honored. :-)

I don't know. I see a guy in a tub and I'm thinkin' Cialas.

Course, I guess I should have thought of that when I used the picture taken of me in the tub at the top of this page in the first place...

muse said...

Classic! Did it come with a bag of pinto beans too?

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