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Monday, October 6, 2008

Double Fail in HEB...

I'm sure you have seen the e-mails people send containing pictures of various people screwing up - you know, like the guy who is trying to jump something on his bike and falls off mid-air - and the caption at the bottom of the picture is FAIL! So I pull into HEB and what do I see, but this person parked like they were in such a hurry that they couldn't be bothered to actually enter from the correct direction of the lane they were in or at minimum, straighten it up between the lines once they had swooped in for the parking spot steal.If this isn't bad enough, do you notice the sign above the parking spot? No, not the cart corral that she blocked, but the sign that tells us this is for mothers with little kids. The picture is quite instructive because it shows an actual little tyke in the cart. Of course, how would we know if this driver was with or without a little kid making them deserving of the spot (and half the cart corral)?Unless of course the offender shows up with her 14 year-old to unload the groceries. You have got to be shittin' me, lady. Do you honestly think that the minute you saved by parking all wacky and blatantly violating the intended purpose of reserved parking is worth the aggravation that some parent with real toddlers who has to park further away caused?

You Double FAIL!!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

At that odd angle, I think I might "accidentally" lose control of my cart right before I got to the corral. Ooooops.

Anonymous said...

No worse that the guy I saw lifting a huge television box into his car at Best Buy the other day...and he was parked in a handicapped parking spot! No one else with him, he just pushed the cart away (I guess he was too disabled to take it back to the store) and drove off. I swear, more than half of the people I see in handicapped parking are in better shape than I am!

Cheers! M2

Albatross said...

Gotta shop! Gotta shop! Ain't got no time to park straight! And that kid sign? Feh! Who needs it? I gotta SHOP!!

maureen said...

Epic Fail.

Ron said...

Ugh! Probably not her first time, nor her last. Sad.

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