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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Backyard Friend Report: Praying Mantis...

We had a little visitor on the railing of our deck yesterday.This little guy seemed friendly enough, but I told my wife that it would squirt some sort of oil in her eye if she tried to pet it. So then she gave me some tongs and insisted that we try to feed him a carrot. WTH?In the end, the stick bug did not eat the carrot, and none of us had anything squirted in our eyes. It could have been much worse.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

They are such cool bugs. I just like watching them. I don't know if they'll spit on you, though. I never tried to touch or catch one.

Dave said...

The cool thing was, as I was trying to give him a carrot, he turned his head really quick-like and nearly made me crap my pants.

Well, I guess it wasn't that cool, but I did laugh.

Anonymous said...

Praying Mantis
The praying mantis is a carnivorous insect. Praying mantises eat insects and other invertebrates such as other mantises, beetles, butterflies, spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, and even spiders. The praying mantises also eat vertebrates such as small tree frogs, lizards, mice and hummingbirds. Praying mantids can resemble flowers and can catch small, unknowing hummingbirds. Praying mantids also eat other nesting birds. Praying mantises despise carrots.

Anonymous said...

And now for something completely different:



Anonymous said...

..........he is just lucky that you werent grillin'...just like that chef that eats every critter imaginable.....but on a lighter note...he stands so majesticaly..like a soldier...he looks cool...keeper of the deck..awesome pic.........

Anonymous said...

He is poised as if to take a lunge,
Ready for the dive into the grass.

Almost set is he to take the plunge,
But careful that he won't hurt his ass!

He is praying, "Man, 'tis such a drop;
I'm afraid that I shall not make it!
Is it better that I might just hop?
Let me think this over a lil' bit!"

Dave said...

He is poised as if to take a lunge,
Ready for the dive into the grass.

Sweet. I think that could be a hit with the right melody...

Anonymous said...

Damn, who'd think an insect could cause such a flurry of comments and even poetry? Nature is so awesomely inspiring!

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