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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dinner Report: Special Cajun Surprise...

After experiencing some really yummy Cajun flavored vittles in Shreveport just last night, I was talking with several colleagues during a meeting today and telling them of my good fortune to find such a special Cajun treat near the hotel.One of the locals told me about this place that my co-worker and I should check out, especially if we like spicy chicken. That was all the tempting we needed, so after a long day of work, we found the restaurant just across the highway from the last place.The place had a wonderful decor and inviting interior, but all the same we got our chicken in the to-go format. Good stuff. They ought to get this stuff in Texas.Oh, by the way, I couldn't help but snap a picture of this. Strange.


Albatross said...

Wow! What a cool place! If they only had one of those nearby -- say, at the corner of Guilbeau and Bandera -- I might just decide to try it out.

Rox said...

P.S- Popeyes was Dane Favorite.

Anon E. Mouse said...

A year after Hurricane Katrina had passed, CNN reporters were interviewing survivors in New Orleans about the impact the hurricane had on their community. One preacher was interviewed, and CNN asked "How many churches were damaged, closed and never reopened after the storm?"

His response? "I don't know. I go to Popeyes Chicken, not Churches."

- groan -

Anonymous said...

Popeye's are everywhere in Texas

Dave said...

Popeye's are everywhere in Texas

The hell you say!

maureen said...

I don't think I've ever seen one here in Texas, and I'd damn sure remember if I ate a la nugget.

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