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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Strange on Culebra...

Two minor notes about Culebra inside 410 before you get to the big switcharoonie (you know, where Culebra turns into Tezel, Grissom turns into Culebra, and Culebra changes it's name to FM471).First, how does this even happen?Second, do you think this carnival is taking up residence in this shopping center? I mean, it seems as though they are set up in Culebra Crossing about every three or four weeks.


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AlanDP said...

That little zig-zag is nothing compared to some of the real street screw-ups that are out there. I recently had a devil of a time trying to explain to someone in upper management that there are two Rogers Roads, one that intersects with Wiseman and one that intersects with Culebra, and they are not connected. The map is wrong.

And you should see the confusion caused in the central part of town by the interstates chopping small residential streets up into several pieces. Someday I wish I could get my hands on an old map of S.A. from before the interstate system was built.

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