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Friday, September 25, 2009

Late Lunch Report: Acadiana...

Earlier this week I had an afternoon meeting with some folks I work with and the selected destination was Acadiana off Loop 410 between 151 and Marbach.

I was pretty sure I had written about Acadiana before, and sure enough, a quick search of the blog revealed that in fact I had. Here, co-workers and I attended lunch but I hadn't driven, so I didn't have my camera, a firm requirement for taking pictures of my vittles.
So anyway, I'll keep this short. One of my colleagues suggested an order of the fried pickles. Before I could whip out Mr. Camera, half the plate was gone, but here you can see a good representation of what the fried pickle is all about. It is a pickle, and it is fried. Add a little Ranch dressing and your high blood pressure will be off the charts. They seemed a tad bit salty this time around, but I simply could not help myself. I have been asked, by the way, if I am pregnant, and I assure you I am not. It only looks that way.I shan't embarrass anyone and go around the table describing each meal in detail but I will tell you that I enjoyed my standard Acadiana dish. As much as I am open to new things, it would seem I am incapable of going into Acadiana and ordering anything different, even down to the sides. Of course, catfish is always a given when it is made available to me. I am a fan of green beans and at this place, I am down with the red beans and rice.

Have you ever tried the deep fried turkey they sell at Acadiana? I am told it is out of this world. Do you suppose people from Louisiana in the Acadiana area come to this restaurant and laugh at us San Antonio folks as if this place is the equivalent of hitting Mickey D's for a fine burger? I hope not. I'd like to think that my taste buds are on target.

Is it the best catfish in SA? Not in my book, but a fine place to dine just the same.


Albatross said...

Fried pickles.


Still strange, but I salute you for trying them.

Lora said...

If you pick the right time....used to be Thursday during the holidays. You can order a plate with the deep fried turkey and your choice of fixings for those of us who don't dare take home a whole fried turkey.

Dave said...

The question is, can you order a whole fried turkey to eat while you are there?

brenty said...

One of my favorite haunts. Lora you still can get that meal thru the year, but you have to go at lunch early. They run out fast. You need to try the deep fried crock nuggets.

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