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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home Invasion Stopper Device Thingy...

So we were out garage sailing this morning and among the numerous folks we ran into, was a couple who we met through our Cellular on Patrol course. They showed me a really spiffy device and I thought I'd share it with readers here.

Just so you know, while this flyer is an advertisement, I'm not getting some sort of kick back here, and in fact, they didn't ask me to post it; I just think it is worth looking at.
I don't know what it is called - the the little flyer doesn't have a name on it but Frank showed me the actual device and it is a thick piece of nicely polished metal that screws into the floor in front of your door. It is thick enough to be strong, but thin enough that your door will open easily. It comes with a second piece of metal that is at a 90 degree angle (if my calculus is correct), and when you want your door to be safe from being kicked open, you simply slide this piece of metal into the slot and it sits securely up against the foot of the door. The punks ain't gettin' in when this thing is installed.

Anyway, there ya have it. If ya need one of these, the number is on the picture.


Buzzardbilly said...

I think they should start marketing it with the name you gave it in the title of your post!

Right now, I have ADT and two German shepherds. The dogs never leave the house at the same time, so I think I'm good, but it couldn't hurt to have one of those. The worse the economy gets and the more hard-up for quick cash the pillheads become, one can never be too secure.

Anon E. Mouse said...

Are the two german shepherds named "Rolex" and "Timex" since they are "watch dogs" ?? :)

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