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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Report: Casino, Painting, Dexter...

We did not just up and leave town for the long three day weekend but in truth, it was pretty much a computer free vacation. I hate the thought of not being able to check my e-mail, look at Google or of course, give blow by blow details of everything I tossed down my gullet and the participating restaurant involved.

So, just a quick recap:

Saturday, we painted our living room and installed crown molding. I made easily four or five trips to Lowe's to pick-up things that I had forgotten on previous trips. It was during one of these trips that regular reader Deb wandered into the garage as my wife pre-painted molding and turned over the first two seasons of Dexter. More on Dexter in a minute.

We really worked our butts off until about 30 minutes before it was time to attend the GNW Casino Night. In all honesty, when I jumped out of the shower to put on my spiffy cowboy boots (it was a Western theme), I had serious thoughts of just jumping into bed.

Eva collects the goods

But we went and in addition to having just an all out great time (I played nothing but Craps and finally got the hang of it and won big), my wife won a door prize and the Grand Freakin' Prize of a trip to Las Vegas! Can you believe it?

I attribute her good luck to the fact that the turn out was low compared to last time. I suppose that a lot of people who might otherwise have attended were off doing Labor Day related travel or attending family events. Still, there was a good crowd and once again, the crew who put on the casino was top-notch.

On Sunday morning, we got up and got started painting our stairwell. For such a small area, it is a real pain in the arse, what with the ceiling being 20 feet high or something like that. Of course, at one point, I was staring up at the roller I had on a long extension handle and as if in slow motion, I watched a splatter of paint fall down the full 20 feet and directly into my eye. Have you ever wondered why it is, if things seem to happen in slow motion, you can't seem to move out of the way? What the hell. We got most of the stairwell painted and then I started in on the crown molding. Yea, all the way up there.

We stopped for dinner and that was it. We opted to start watching Season 1 of Dexter and saw the first 4 episodes that night.

On Monday, we knocked out the upstairs hallway and finished up most of the clean-up and other odds and ends. I still have a few little areas to caulk but it can wait. The other thing was, as we moved through each area, I swapped out electrical outlets and light switches. This house was built in 1976, and I figured it was time to swap out the plugs. Oh, a little hint from me to you: I have found that it helps to turn off the electricity when you change out the electrical outlets. Good times.

And with that, we watched the rest of season one of Dexter and enjoyed it. Tonight we start with Season 2 and when we finish that, we will utilize the Showtime on Demand feature (yay, Showtime!) to watch Season 3. Then, as Buzzardbilly reports, we are only 3 weeks away from Season 4.

I'm just going to assume all of you know about Dexter (since we seem to be several seasons late for everything), but in case you don't know, he is a serial killer who works for the police. How convenient is that?

Today, I was back at work where I generally rested and thanked my lucky stars I'm not a painter by profession. Hopefully, there won't be any three-day weekends coming up anytime soon; I'm just not sure I can handle the workload.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love Dexter! Buzzardbilly also got us hooked on it and she loans us her DVDs from seasons after she buys them. How great of a friend is that?

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