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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lunch Report: The Shed, Ocean Springs, MS...

As we were planning our trip to the Florida Panhandle to visit my son this past weekend, we of course knew that our trip along I-10 would require, no, would offer an opportunity to check out a new place to eat. But where to go?

It was my son who suggested we stop by The Shed, a place he had been to during his travels and in fact had been visited upon by the Food Network guy who does the Diners and Drive-ins show I occasionally watch.
We actually, okay to be honest, I actually planned our trip around hitting The Shed for lunch, just so I could see what it was all about.The place is co-located with an RV park and looks like it has been pieced together over the years with a little addition here and a little addition there. I love a place with this style.But what about the food? Everyone has their own style and tastes. The Shed offered up some good choices and we went with the Sampler Platter so we could get a little bit of everything.We also picked up a brisket sammy to take my son.

Aside from the fact that the place was humid as all get-out, we were pleased with the selection.

In all honesty, we have a hard time not comparing things to two baselines. I submit that Augie's Barbed Wire in San Antonio would easily best The Shed on a blind taste test. Likewise, I'll put my friend Lea's ribs up against these any day. Having said that, this was lunch at a different place in a different state and folks, it was very, very good. I'd recommend The Shed as a place to visit and enjoy to any lover of fine BBQ and good times.

In the interest of time, just watch the video and you'll see a Tasty Treat.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment! See ya soon for more ribs! Lea

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