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Monday, August 24, 2009

That was Quick...

My friends at Dictionary.com tell me that a hiatus is a "break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc". They did not specify a specific amount of time in order for the break or interruption to be considered a hiatus, but I expected to take at least a month away from posting my reports here.

In addition to the handful of comments, handful of e-mails and handful of conversations requesting a speedy return, I think the slight nudging from my wife to keep things going has prompted me to take a
brief hiatus from my brief hiatus. Honestly, she has had her camera at the ready pointing out various odd things that would be worth alerting eager readers to. It is hard to resist.There were Christmas trees in August already on display at Hobby Lobby. Okay, I don’t find that so unusual considering, in a month of 100 degree days, who doesn’t need more shade?There was a guy with pink hair in the HEB. Really, is that so odd these days?I have often suspected that kids rebel this way when their parents make childhood a difficult thing. How is a kid supposed to swing on this? You'd paint your hair too.And how is a kid supposed to play basketball on a moving court? I wanted so bad to follow this guy, just to see if he made it to wherever he was going.
In spite of not having plans to provide any reports on places we ate, the habit of photographing one’s vittles prior to consumption is a tough thing to break. These sammies came from Spoonz, the grill at HEB Plus. And they were quite tasty.And let's be honest; when you are stopped at an intersection, don't you notice the crooked toes of people in other cars? My wife does. I just take the pictures.And it wasn't just my wife; regular reader Lee (you know him as Anon E. Mouse) could not help but tempt me with field reports filed with his camera phone. A spiffy Micro Bus in the '50 is only made better when you know pizza won't be long.And sure enough, I received reports of progress on the Pizza Hut as well!

So in a single word, my recent hiatus can best be described as:And I'll post again when I can....


Anon E. Mouse said...

Welcome Back! The micro-bus with a paint job from the 70's is regularly parked in the 8600 block of Timber Point on weekends and at night, so I think they have moved in to our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Eva Says:)
Great I need you to keep his up so we can continue to go out and be apart and see Texas as it should be seen. From our silly point of view .You have to admit you missed it :)

Rich said...

Whew..I was sweating the daily ritual of seeing that "hiatus" report at the top of your page. Glad that "quick" national nightmare is over.

Sabra said...

Yay! I am glad you are back so quickly. I depend upon you to tell me where to eat next. Or something of the sort.

And those Christmas trees are always out at Hobby Lobby, if that's the one out at the Forum. Have you noticed how ridiculously expensive they are?

Lora said...

Yeah!!!! Glad to see you back...Just what I needed after sitting through the city budget review for dist 6 and begging for more funding for library books.

Coming home and finding you blogging again lifted the glooms.

Looking forward to more good eats/quirky items in the area.

We are the proud/crazy owners of a 79 orange over brown VW Bus....nice to see another member of the tribe....

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!

I enjoy all your posts. A good way to start off a day.


adam said...

That's gotta be some type of record there.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Dave, Stephanie sure did miss you on your heyna (her words not mine).


Anonymous said...

We made it to Memphis safely and in good time. We'll keep ya's posted. Lea

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