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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waffle House Report: It ain't Jim's...

I've enjoyed the Waffle House experience at various locations in the south and east while traveling and I think it works best when you are there in the middle of the night or really early in the morning.A Sunday morning breakfast doesn't work out as well given the small seating area and the large number of tourists with hangovers attempting to squeeze in.But it was nice to get some grits with my eggs, waffle and bacon. I love grits.The food was fairly luke warm, but it was enough to get me going for the trip home.

More details of our short weekend in FLA tomorrow...


Albatross said...

Grits? Faugh! I've never liked the stuff. Maybe I didn't have enough of it growing up, but I can't understand the attraction. Did you like grits right away, or was it an acquired taste?

Give me a nice set of hashbrowns any day.

Albatross said...

P.S.: Nice hat!

Anonymous said...

Hey There,

Honestly, I love Waffle House while I'm traveling.

I like the intimacy of the restaurant. I enjoy watching the food being prepared, I also like the niuce greeting when entering the restaurant.

The prices are reasonable---so I generally tip well for good service.


Anonymous said...

I got a really good recipe for grit mash if ya'll want it. I ain't steered ya wrong yet have I? LOL Lea

Dave said...

"Did you like grits right away, or was it an acquired taste?"

Grits was/were standard fare in my house growing up. I suppose by themselves they are pretty bland, but add in some butter or even grated cheese and YUM! I tend to take my grits with two eggs over easy so I can mix all the yoke in.

"I like the intimacy of the restaurant."

I think that is what I enjoy about Waffle House. You get the feeling you are in a scene out of an old movie sitting at the counter with cook whipping things up while yammering on with the waitstaff.

"I got a really good recipe for grit mash if ya'll want it. I ain't steered ya wrong yet have I?"

No Lea, not a bad bite of food from you yet. In fact, I'll be providing a report on a BBQ place we stopped at in Mississippi that has been showcased on the Food Network that can't hold a candle to your ribs.

brenty said...


Sounds gritty to me. ;)

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