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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dinner Report: Pineapple Willy's, Panama City Beach...

I generally rule out eating at a place where you have to wait for 45 minutes, given the fact that you can always go at a different time or more importantly, there are lots of other places to go. But when you are visiting a tourist town on the last real weekend of the tourist season, there is a good possibility that you'll just have to wait.
Also, I should add in that when my son added our name to the wait list at Pineapple Willy's and received the little flashing pager thing, the lady never even told him how long the wait would be. People seemed to be moving through there fairly quickly, so it never occurred to me to ask.As we began to wait, we went inside the Pier Bar to grab a cool drink for the wait. The place is big with lots of seating and full of thirsty tourists. Later in the evening, they feature bands and I suspect the place gets fairly exciting.The restaurant offers inside seating, beach seating, and where we sat, on the covered pier where you can enjoy the nice view while not necessarily roasting on the beach. At one point, a large tourist type boat called the Sea Screamer pulled up to the beach near where we were seated, blasted his horn, then fired a shot from a big air cannon. I guess the sound of the blast bouncing off the hotel walls ashore gives the passengers a thrill. Hey, who doesn't like the idea of floating around firing off an air cannon every so often?We saw some folks order onion rings and they really looked good, but decided instead to get the Al E. Gator as a starter. The meat itself was fine, but the preparation was fairly bland. The last time I had the alligator bites was at Acadiana, and I suspect the Cajun spices gave it a little more character. These weren't bad - especially with the dipping sauce, but I suspect you just have to be in a spending mood to drop $9.00 for what was basically an order of Chicken McNuggets. My wife was not looking for a huge meal and the waiter we had suggested she grab something from the kid's menu. She went with the "Fish Food" which was basically a small basket of fried Grouper and a few fries. Like me, she also got a small side of Cole Slaw for a quarter. It turns out that my wife doesn't care much for Grouper, but she did like the Cole slaw and the fries.My son and I both ordered a Grouper basket. They offer up a good portion, add in some fries and give you a few tubs of tartar sauce. I thought the fish was fine, though certainly not flavorful like the fish we enjoyed at the Hofbrau the previous night.

Really, what it comes down to is that Pineapple Willy's is more of a party place that happens to serve some food for those trying to soak up the beer and frozen tropical drinks. I could see the place being a favorite for people attending Spring Break or for people just out to party for a few hours. We did have good service and an enjoyable time.

Have you been to Pineapple Willy's - did you try the ribs? I'd love to know. Tell me about it or leave a comment below.

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