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Friday, November 23, 2007

Lunch Report: WhichWich?...

I don't participate in any of the post-Thanksgiving shopping madness that would require me to get up at 4am or wait in lines to get into WalMart, so there was really no suitable reason that I should even leave the confines of my house today - and my wife was in total agreement on that. We have a DVR full of TV shows that have gone unwatched not to mention the first sign of cold weather (a chilly 50 degrees is enough to warrant long johns in my mind), so sales on anything Christmas related can wait until I get through the last six weeks of Ghost Whisperer as far as I'm concerned.

But, one cannot live on turkey and stuffing alone, especially when I had a plate full for breakfast and based on the looks of the fridge, there seemed to be a full weekend worth to contend with, we decided to get out and see what was quick and new. My son suggested one of his favorites, Which Wich, which you might imagine is a sandwich place. Get it, Which Wich?
We headed over to the I-10 and Huebner location but I understand they have one being built closer to the HEB Plus on Potranco and 1604. The concept of this type of sandwich place is awesome. I have said before that we are given way too many choices and what happens for people like me is, the waiter comes around and suddenly, your mind goes nuts and you can't decide what you want and you order something you don't want or you forget what you came for etc. Even at a place like Quiznos or Subway, even if you know you want the ham and cheese sandwich, you have to decide on white or wheat, what type of cheese, what type of toppings, toasted or untoasted, dressings, seasonings, foot long or half, it is a damn nightmare I tell you, especially if some hungry guy next to you in line is practicing what he is going to order.At Which Wich, you still have to decide but they have come up with a way to let you think about your order at your own pace, mark down what you want, order it and get it exactly how you want it. No pressure at all! You put your name on the bag, grab another little card to order a shake if you like or some freshly baked cookies, and off you go to the register.The wait was not long at all. I ordered a Reuben Sandwich which was very acceptable considering the sub-type bun. Had that part of it occurred to me, I might have gone along with my son's selection, the Wicked which for a buck more, you get 5 meats and two cheeses. But even though, I was not unhappy with the Reuben.
I also ordered up some of their House Chips which appeared to be Ruffles with some awkward seasoning stuffed into a baggie. I don't recommend them - stick with the Lay's.The shop itself was no more exciting then any of the chain type places but I did notice that it was a WiFi spot and they seemed to try to get customers to make it "their" place by posting some artwork done on sandwich bags. We noticed a few bands had even used the bags as a way of promoting web pages for their groups.

Whether you choose to be a hipster or not, I'd safely choose Which Wich over Quiznos or Subway, if only for the ability to sit there and really think about what you want before ordering. It ain't fine dining, just a place to get lunch, but still earns a few Tasty Treats in my book.


Lee said...

Were the bins marked with the large numbers, special pre-marked bags for some "meal deals" or some such? I couldn't tell from the photo.

Sid said...

Quite coincidental, but my niece Lindsay just introduced me to Which Wich last Sunday evening in San Marcos across the street from the Texas State University Main Stage Theatre. We grabbed a quick bite there before seeing "A Chorus Line," and I really enjoyed my chicken sandwich.

The whole concept is clever and innovative, and it's so practical and "common sensical" that it's surprising this didn't happen long ago.

The sandwich I ate at Which Wich far surpassed any I have ever eaten at Subway. I didn't even realize that one of these sandwich shops existed in San Antonio, much less one so close to me in the Huebner Oaks area.

As you said, Dave, "it ain't fine dining," but you get a really delicious and tasty sandwich... and the dining room has a no-frills industrial look to it, which somewhat matches the simplistic, streamlined sandwich or
ordering strategy.

(Teachers may especially be drawn to it because Sharpie red ink pens are used to mark choices for one's sandwich on the brown bag. It made this retired teacher feel right at home! I give Which Wich an A+ for sure!)

Dave said...

Lee: Those numbered bins represented the category of the sandwich you wanted. They have breakfast, Beef, Chicken, etc. I didn't look in all the bins but that was the gist of it. As far as meal-deals go, I think it is a pretty no frills place; no soups, no salads (though they have a saladwich), just sandwiches, drinks, chips and cookies.

Sid: My son goes to the one at the TSU main stage all the time - his girlfriend attends TSU and he says that one is a lot bigger with much more frills (TV's and such). But for a bite to eat, you'll like the one close to your house.

Next door (in CityView)is a FatBurger and that will be my next lunch place to check out for the blog.

Sid Seidenberger said...

Dave, have you and EMS tried a place called Firehouse Subs? There's one on Vance Jackson near IH-10 and another one on Stone Oak Parkway near Huebner outside 1604.

If you do go there, I'll be curious to see how you rank the foursome (Subway, Quizno's, Which Wich, and Firehouse)in your order of preference.

I myself have never been to FatBurger, but I do like the name... it has a certain ring to it (or is that just my dang tinnitus acting up again? Ha-ha-ha!)

My appetite has been so voracious since being put on a second round of prednisone steroids for my SHL (sudden hearing loss) in my left ear that I'm so hungry all the time that I could eat shoe leather!

I'm beginning to feel like the poster boy for Fatburgers!

Hey, that might be a good part time job for me... and I could wear a sandwich sign (one-size-fits-all, phew!) LOL! Unfortunately for them, I'd probably eat up all their profit....

Sid Fatburger

Shorty said...

Why haven't I heard about this place, I love me the sandwiches. Maybe it's because I tend to hang on the south side for the most part.

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