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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mobility Report: Where are the Sidewalks on Culebra?

A few years ago, San Antonio had this mayor named Ed Garza in office and he had two big issues as I recall. One was to ban smoking and the other was to get some soccer fields. At the time, I traded e-mails with him regarding more important pressing needs in the community such as sidewalks, drainage and potholes.

Anyway, several years have passed and I was reminded yesterday about the time that I was coming home from work driving up Culebra toward the intersection of Ingram Rd, and a man in in a motorized wheelchair had been hit by a car.
What happened to all those federal persons with disabilities acts or the promises to get some sidewalks going? And don't businesses have any responsibility at all to provide sidewalks along the frontage of their property?

Just a thought.

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