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Friday, November 9, 2007

Tezel Road Report: Time to Finish this Mess...

If you are one of the local readers of this blog and have occasion to travel up or down along Tezel Road between Timber Path and Guilbeau, you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those not in the know, we have had over two years of a main artery to neighborhoods in our area undergoing some sort of revitalization apparently performed by The Three Stooges Construction Company and supervised by Beevis and Butthead.

My neighbors Gus & Ruby told me about a sign they saw posted at the flower shop/Post Office in the Ridge Gate shopping center on Tezel. So, I had to take my camera and go see what all the hoopla was about.
Sure enough, the construction continues, although there seem to be stretches of serious inactivity. I talked to the nice lady at the Post Office and she told me that it was just too much. The only way to get the people at TxDOT to get on the stick is to e-mail them, call them, write them and complain.I don't want to get all black helicopter conspiracy theory on you, but I just wonder if the lack of effort, and more importantly, the incompetence in doing this project has been a way to convince residents to be for toll roads? Maybe not, but forgive me if I appear to have a distrust of TxDOT.

All I know is that several weeks back when one side of the road was seemingly finished, I happened to be driving up Tezel and it started to rain. Nothing monumental, just a shower. Water was pooling on a brand new stretch of road, right in front of a sewer drain. WTF? The lady at the Post Office said that was probably simple incometences by SAWS or CPS.Either way, this mess has dragged on far too long. Please follow the postal lady's advice and complain here.

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Anonymous said...

And then they finish the construction and leave huge bumps where the manholes are...

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