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Friday, November 2, 2007

Visitor Report: Konnichiwa!

As this little neighborhood-centric blog has enjoyed over 7,000 visitors (or just a lot of my wife and I looking at what I have posted), I am really pleased with the number of visitors from places beyond San Antonio and Texas.

I can attribute a handful of these "beyond Texas" visitors to people who are "lured" here by my occasional comments to the blogs I visit from other cities and states. Further, I can easily see that some out of state visitors end up in good ol' 78250 simply because a Google search led them astray.

But if you look down at the very bottom of the page, you will see a little world map that seemingly depicts where the people are visiting from. Of particular interest to me, is the person who visits us from Japan.

Konnichiwa! Hello and welcome. Perhaps a military member serving overseas who wants to stay in touch with the home town? Good for you and thanks for the visits.

More importantly, thank you for your service. E-mail me. If there is anything or place you'd like me to report on. Let me know and I'll post some pictures of home!


Albatross said...

I started coming here after you left a comment or two on my blog, and I like your style. I think, being a San Antonian myself, the enjoyment comes from reading about things and places I know. I've eaten at some of the restaurants you've reviewed, and I'm tempted to try others based on what you've written.

Plus, you know how to write. A lot of blogs out there are woefully lacking in that department, and, even though the bloggers may have something constructive or interesting to say, their message is lost in bad grammar and poor sentence construction.

So, thank you for your writing, and thank you for your blog. It is one I check regularly now.

Dave said...

Thanks for your fine comments and contributions. As you can tell, I am a regular visitor of Strange in San Antonio.

By the way, I found out who the person was visiting from Japan - a nice guy from the neighborhood who happens to work there.

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