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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Breakfast Report: Mickey D's...

I took the day off today to get a bunch of errands done and had the bright idea to take my van out for a new set of brakes. I informed my wife of this little idea just as she was jumping into the shower. I figured by the time I got to the brake place and everything all squared away, she could come by, pick me up and we could eat a little snack.So, an hour later, I'm sitting in the waiting room of the Brake Check, and my wife comes to pick me up. She has a bright idea of her own. Since I'm getting new brakes, why don't we go and throw some new tires on her truck?So, long story short, during the time that we were waiting for both vehicles to get their respective work done, we wondered across the street from Discount Tires (Only the best for us, right?) and had a little breakfast snack.

I have seen this commercial for McDonald's new iced coffee kinda deal. They have this guy who has two cups of this stuff and he notices that one has slightly less than the other, so he starts sipping out of the full one, then sips the other to try to even the cups out. Because the iced coffee is just so delicious, by the time he gets to the two guys he is supposed to deliver them to, he has sipped it down to one cup.

So, my wife is a huge fan of Starbucks. But we were at McDonald's. While I was happy to get the coffee that came with the sausage biscuit and hash browns I ordered, she opted to try this new iced coffee.

She ordered the small iced coffee, but the manager taking her order advised us that they do not offer a small, only medium or large. I don't have to tell you that if you only have two sizes and one is bigger than the other, then technically, the smaller of the two is small, not medium. But you know that. McDonald's does not.

Anyway, my wife gets her medium iced coffee and
took a single sip and made quite the face and said quite loudly I might add, "This crap is horrible!"Okay, so I have been wondering how the original coffee in that McDonald's commercial had been missing a sip or two from it. Now we both know. Somebody obviously ordered the medium and got the same reaction my wife did.

Mystery solved.

Oh, the other thing we learned from McDonald's is that apparently, you aren't supposed to eat from the displays. Say What? And you know they didn't put the official napkin sign out as a proactive warning. I mean, in the same way it took some clumsy lady suing the bejesus out of McDonald's because she poured coffee down her thighs without realizing it may be hot, for them to put a warning sign on the cup that tells you it is hot; some dipshit must have taken a huge bite out of the Thanksgiving display prompting them to ask others not to enjoy it beyond the standard visual inspection.

I think if you have to have the hand written napkin signage, it's time to hang it up or go wax.


Sid said...

I was wondering how the newly touted iced coffee tasted. Thanks to Eva, I don't have to waste my money on their crappy coffee. All that hype on their TV commercial means nothing!

I love the mocha frappuccino at Starbuck's! Now that's a really delicious item they have.I can suck a venti mocha frappuccino with an extra shot of mocha down in no time!

Starbuck's is expensive, but ya get what ya pay fer (as they say!).

Anonymous said...

Well Sid
I am a huge coffee drinker. I love to taste different ones. I too can drink a grande carmel frappuccino and I don't mind paying for it.This TV add made it look as good as the one I make at home. Gee was I wrong. It was bitter and stale.I was even adding cream and sugar to try to make it better.When making the product they need to make sure they use fresh coffee to began with. Don't waste your money. Glad I could help :)


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