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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Things I saw at HEB...

Yesterday afternoon, we had to make a quick trip to HEB to grab a few items and these are just a few of the things I saw.

Have you ever seen that show, "My Name is Earl"? I bet you didn't know that Crabman works at our HEB. Actually, this kid is named Cal and he is a really good kid. HEB should give him a raise.

Everywhere I go, somebody is always in need of a fire truck and an ambulance. It could be because we just started watching the first season of "Rescue Me". Or it could be that I just started noticing all the firetrucks and ambulances that have always been there. Who knows?My wife wants to make a poster out of this picture and place it next to a mirror by our front door. The plan is, if I ever attempt to go anywhere looking this goofy, return to the bedroom and seek an alternative outfit. I'll try.

I think this lady looks very fetching in her floral outfit. But Fiesta was a month or two ago.Another day, another trip to HEB. I should just have my paycheck sent to them.

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