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Friday, June 1, 2007

I Guess I Live a Sheltered Life...

So my son works at one of these stores where they Sell Ink. I don't want to say the name of the place, just in case they don't want this sort of thing to get out, but he came home today and could barely contain himself with the important news.

The cool thing about this job is that they have been very flexible in working around his college schedule. He doesn't make a lot of money, but when things are slow, he can do his school work and such. It is a pretty good deal if you don't have to pay any bills short of a cell phone bill (the times that he pays it). But I digress.

When he first started, they were even allowed to look at the Internet when they weren't busy, but apparently, somebody at one of the stores was found to have been looking at web sites that would be inappropriate for such a professional work environment, what with sexual harassment polices and such. To be clear, they did not want the young employees looking at nekkid pictures of women. Or pictures of women who were nekkid either. It only takes one employee to get upset and ruin a good thing for everyone.

So, tonight, I'm sitting in my recliner with the two dogs (Gracie and Panda) sitting on top of me so I could not even spoon ice cream to my lips without losing a lick from either side before getting it to my mouth, and my son comes into the house and heads straight for me. I knew something was amiss by the ear to ear grin he had on his face. I seriously thought Ed McMahon himself was standing on our front porch and my son was about to have me go pose for the big check. No luck.

I should tell you now that when my son is excited, he talks extremely fast and quite frankly, I can't understand more than a word or two of what he says. I usually nod politely and ignore him.

But today, the two key words I heard were "Horse" and "Porn".


So he backs up, starts again and this time I make out that somebody has been fired, and I again hear the words "Horse" and "Porn". This time, I look at him and say, "What the F**k?"

"Yep - you heard right." he says with an uncontrollable smile on his face, "Horse Porn!"

So I say, "You got fired for Horse Porn?"

"No, no." he assures me. "Some weird guy had been looking at horse porn on the computers at work and they caught him. He got fired."

Well, I was glad my son wasn't the culprit, but frankly, I must live a sheltered life because I'm not even sure what horse porn is. But in fairness, I can only assume that the pervert who got fired wasn't looking at nekkid women.

Lord, I hope not anyway.

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