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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shoe Report: Shoe Carnival

What else would you do when you travel half way across the state of Texas to go visit your daughter? That's right, go shopping for shoes.

We have a Shoe Carnival in San Antonio which is always packed with people going for the buy-one get-one action. I mean, the few times I've been in there, you'd think they would need security to maintain the order. Thankfully, we slipped into the Wichita Falls version before the big crowds arrived.

My wife and daughter went from rack to rack looking for just the right shoes so I pretty much stood around watching people shop. The store manager, Ty Parker seemed like a super motivated sales guy. He walked around with a microphone occasionally announcing specials and reminding customers of the big discounts, etc. I swear, this guy had a voice built for radio. Perfect inflection, a deep, crisp, clear tone, and obvious personality. I joked with one of the other employees that he could be Bob Barker's replacement.

Anyway, very helpful and friendly staff, and they even gave us a Military Discount, even though it wasn't Tuesday, the normal day for discounts.

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