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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Merchant Report: Iggy's

My daughter told me that she had not been able to access the Internet from her almost new Laptop, and several attempts by me to diagnose it over the phone were fruitless. It had worked fine at home before my wife sent it to her, so I was thinking perhaps there was a hardware problem caused by being shipped (in the original packing!). When we got to our room at the base, I hooked her laptop up directly to the DSL line and figured by bypassing the wireless card, it would work. No luck. I could see the network but just couldn't get it to work. After over an hour, I gave up and hooked up my Laptop to find some service in Wichita Falls. Thanks Bill, Vista works great. Not!

Long story short, I found an ad on
CraigsList for this shop called Iggy's Buildatorium and as luck would have it, it was located just outside the main gate of Sheppard AFB. With it being Saturday though, I was worried that either they would not be open or it might be some rip-off place. So I walk in with my daughter's Laptop and it turns out that Iggy's is an Internet Cafe and they also do service. $5.00 an hour to use their computer, $2.00 an hour if you have your own computer. They had several rows of teens playing online computer games and Jason, the lead technician sitting back supervising the operation. I explained my dilemma to Jason, the fact that I was leaving town early Sunday etc and I just wanted to get it fixed. Honestly, I was prepared to take it in the shorts but had no other choice. I returned about two hours later and for $25.00 plus tax, the computer was good to go. On top of that, Jason told me about a few conflicts going on with the computer which was causing it to slow down to a crawl and I was able to fix them on my own. Bottomline, I would definitely recommend Iggy's and I gave my daughter several of thier cards just in case she ran into more problems.

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