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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Home of The Dream Clinic: 88.5 WMNF...

If you scroll down far enough on this page, you can see links to many of the Blogs I visit, web pages that may be of interest to people living in or wanting to visit San Antonio, and I also have link to my oldest brother's web page for his radio show called, The Dream Clinic. 88.5 WMNF is a community radio station and an affiliate of NPR. In Tampa, the station has been very successful and in fact, thanks to donations from listeners, the station has built a state of the art facility next door to the old house that it was originally housed in. The facility is completely Green (as in NPR / Al Gore friendly - not the color) and there are several spacious studios where large groups can be interviewed or an entire band can perform.On Saturday, my brother Dennis gave us the tour of the place, and we were mighty impressed. You can head over to Flickr to see all the pictures if you are someone who enjoys all the excitement of radio and what it takes to make it get from the DJ to your morning commute.If you are a fan of vinyl, you will appreciate the huge wall of albums for the volunteers to select from for their assorted shows. I have often thought of my own personal collection of singles (45 RPM records) as impressive because it is probably a thousand. I could fit my golden oldies (okay, mostly Top-40 hits from the 80's) on just a few of these shelves. And of course, the rolling shelves containing CD's is simply amazing. The library is has numerous listening stations to allow the DJ's to do show prep.While the on air studio was occupied by local personality, Dr. J doing his show, we went into a second studio to pose for pictures.These are pictures of my sister Sharon doing her Nancy Grace impersonation, and me pretending to be, well, me.And look at the awesome equipment in the studio. This stuff is not cheap.The cool thing about community radio, at least in the case of WMNF is that they hold these marathons where the listeners make contributions to keep the station going. The volunteers who produce and present the shows, usually a specific musical genre build an audience and those people put their money where their ears are (to borrow from an inscription on a thousand dollar pledge brick).My brother has been doing his show for years and continues to have a fairly faithful and generous audience. The Dream Clinic plays music from my brother's youth in the 60's and early 70's, most often live recordings from the bands as opposed to the standard two and a half minute Top-40 radio version you might have heard. And because of the technology available today, he has many followers from beyond the broadcast airwaves in the greater Tampa Bay area, thanks to people who listen live or via podcasts on the Internet.
The Dream Clinic on WMNF 88.5FM in Tampa, Florida, USA...also available online at www.wmnf.org The Dream Clinic airs every Wednesday 7-9pm locally and is posted online for your review at www.wmnf.org
With an encyclopedic knowledge of music coupled with genuine love of the bands and their performances, Dennis does a well researched and thoughtfully produced show, providing his listeners with more than just the music you might download from your mom's 8-track tapes. Give it a listen if you like. And if you do like, hit the Tip Jar. How's that for a shameless plug?

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