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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christmas Report: Yes, You May Now Take Down the Lights...

Our area is doing that twice a year bulk garbage pick up this week; you know, where you can throw out all your old sofas and washing machines and other crap. Once the people finish their street shopping (my daughter's term for people who drive by in pick-up trucks picking up all the stuff they can use), then the city trucks come by and pick up your tree branches, old fence boards, and other unwanted crap.And if you live in my 'hood, you can also get the Christmas tree out of the living room and set it out by the curb. Course, and this is just a suggestion, if you do go all out and take down the Christmas lights, you are only going to have to put them back up in 8 months. Is it really worth the hassle?


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Our community has extra pick ups on Fridays. All we need to do is call. Broken washer? Big stack of branches? Assorted junk? We just call the maintenance line and give our address. It all gets picked up - FREE! All the time! We love it.

Anonymous said...

Where do you live, Evil Twin's Wife? That's great service!

Dave said...

Where do you live, Evil Twin's Wife? That's great service!ETW lives in West Virginia. You can read all about her here.

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