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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GNW Casino Night: Sat May 2nd 7PM to 11PM at the Lodge..

I promised Darin, our Community Manager that I would put up this poster for our Great Northwest Casino Night planned for Saturday the 2nd of May. Click on it and it may become readable. This gives those of you GNW folks plenty of time to make arrangements for a sitter, iron a pair of slacks and get in a Vegas frame of mind.

And of course, We'll be there. The last time my wife and I attended one of these Casino Night deals, we won all sorts of booty. I think they give you a certain amount of chips when you arrive, and then you either promptly lose them all and head straight for the cash bar until the night is over, or, you can do like my wife did and start winning at the tables and leave with lots of prizes.

If you are a GNW resident, why not give it a shot? Need more info? You can head down to the Lodge office and ask someone, or why not give them a call at 681-2983.

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