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Friday, April 24, 2009

River Walk Construction Update...

I had to make a short trip downtown today yesterday and thought, what the heck, since they claim to be coming really close to finishing our new River Walk extension, it must be worth taking a minute or two to gander over the side of the bridge. From my vantage point at the bridge on McCullough and St Mary's, here are a few pictures.The landscaping is coming right along with several areas full of green grass, lots of small bushes going and of course, palm trees.I'm thinking with some good rain, things will fill in nicely. I can almost see the river boats full of fancy tourists floating by while drunk people drop cell phones and beer bottles in the water in appreciation. Good times.Interestingly enough, there have been several stories about the art going in around the bridges - lots of sculptures and such. Under this bridge, it looks like the artist has made some sort of screens. I know I could probably do a quick search and figure out what he/she was going for, but I'm not that interested, and I'm sort of lazy that way on a Friday afternoon. In spite of not knowing what it is, it looks kinda nice.

Wanna see more? Head on over to the Flickr page to get the full River Walk Construction Experience. Perhaps that can be a new ride at Fiesta Texas next year.


KeithAlanK said...

Looking good.
Can't wait to take some night photos down there after it's finished and flowing, especially since there's plenty of convenient parking in the vicinity.

M2 said...


Got this in an email today...

"A new two-mile stretch of the San Antonio River Walk opens May 30. It winds north from the city's center, past the San Antonio Museum of Art. Enjoy water features, public art and a lush tropical landscape. You can take a river cruise, via a new lock and dam, all the way to the top end, and explore the shops, restaurants and Saturday gourmet Farmer's Market at the restored Pearl Brewery."

Cheers! M2

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