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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strange in Alamo Ranch...

I found these on my camera while moving some pictures around, and even though they are old - already several days which means it can't qualify for "late breaking" - I still found them humorous.We were sitting at the stoplight at 1604 & Culebra waiting to go into the Best Buy at Alamo Ranch when my wife noticed this SUV attempting to somehow increase their gas mileage by reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. Somehow, I'm thinking it ain't gonna work.Oh, and just in case you need a reason to purchase a new convertible, show this to your wife. I'm sure they have the kids stowed safely in the trunk.



Albatross said...

Guy or girl, those balloons are still dorky.

Anon E. Mouse said...

Aaah, but have you driven down Timber Path past Village Briar lately? Someone used pink paint to cover up some grafitti! It's about a yard or two down on the right, as you head toward Emerald Valley. One of the houses from The Commons apparently decided they didn't like the gun metal gray that was being passed out for such work.

It did add a bit of color to that stretch of ugly fences, however. Just spotted it last night.

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