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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strange in 78250

It has been a while since I did a strange spotting, so just the other day on my way home from work...

There I was at the stop light on Grissom Road waiting to turn onto Timber Path when this pulled up beside me.
You know, they are passing laws about distracted driving due to cell phone usage. What about this dash board? I fully expected to see several cats curled up napping on the dash, (click the image to enlarge) but perhaps the color would be even too distracting for that.Oh, and my wife wants me to call this company for our own backyard. These people come out and pick up the dog crap that you (or in this case I) am to lazy to scoop up. I just love the use of of the little slogans. Instead of the UPS slogan of "What can Brown do for you?"; these guys say, "What can we doo for brown?" And of course they have modified an old plumbing slogan and changed it to, "Your dog's "Biscuits" are our bread and butter!"

And with that, I guess it is dinner time...


Evil Twin's Wife said...

What is that fuzzy thing in the Beetle? Some sort of doily? A crocheted something or other?

I like the truck's license plate too - they really want us to know that they're in it for the POO! LOL.

Albatross said...

Great spots. For the record, there is a car out there that I have been trying to get a good picture of for some time now. It's just that I usually see it when we are in moving traffic, and it's really not safe for me to whip out my camera and snap a pic.

But, rest assured, the day I get a good shot of that strange car, I am so posting it.

Oh, and I love that the license plate on the poop-scooping truck is one of those animal plates!

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