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Monday, April 6, 2009

GNW Holds District 6 Debate...

Two of the expected four District 6 Council candidates, Ray Lopez and Anna Caballero attended a debate put on by the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association this evening at our Lodge.

I'll write more on the topic tomorrow, but considering my wife and I did breakfast in Brandon, lunch in Houston and watched the debate for dinner, it has been a long day. But I did want to post two important pictures:
First, the candidates...And second, our moderator, Eric Cooper who did a fantastic job this evening.

Tomorrow night, the association will host another debate with candidates from District 7. Our HOA actually covers two city council districts (6 and 7), so even if you are voting in District 6, it will be interesting to learn more about the district 7 candidates. I hope to see many of you there at 7PM tomorrow evening.

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Anon E. Mouse said...

Koi Smith, the 3rd candidate for District 6, another NW Vista College student, was called out of town unexectedly for a family emergency. He sent an email to the GNW, but it was overlooked in the rush to prepare the night's debate settings.

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