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Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner Report: Best Wings & More on Marbach...

I hope you won't think that we have given up fine dining, you know, the likes of Chili's or Jim's, when I tell you that my wife and I stopped into a gas station for dinner this evening.

And no, I didn't even need gas. (Feel free to insert joke about husbands always having plenty of gas here).
There is this place over by John Jay High School called Best Wings & More. It is on Marbach Road next to the now condemned apartments once known as Marbach Manor. If you click on the link, you can appreciate the comment somebody left for those apartments: "When they reject you at jail, they send you here." Now that is just funny.
Anyway, it is more of a convenience store, but over the years, they have turned a portion of the store into a very successful little diner. I know my nephew used to stop in for a burger on his way home from Jay all the time, and that kid knows a good burger.

So my wife and I headed out to the area this evening and she thought I might like to grab a few burgers to take with us over to her mom's house, and that is just what we did.
While we waited for our order - everything is cooked to order, so you know it will be hot - we sat and listened to some familiar music coming from what I suspect is an Internet radio station originating from India. I suspect this because we just watched Slumdog Millionaire the other night, and it sounded familiar.Anyway, here is how it all stacks up. My wife got a regular cheeseburger with fries and a drink combo for pretty cheap. You can see that it is a good size and has fresh dressings and such. The patty is obviously packaged, but cooked right and flavorful. I had a different strategy. Having never eaten there before, I ordered a double cheeseburger. And instead of making mine a combo, I ordered some jalapeno poppers. I was actually really pleased with the burger, but it was way more than I needed. I could have easily been filled and then some, with the single patty burger. Sure, it was all a little greasy - as you would want and expect from a hole in the wall diner like this - but it was good. Okay, the poppers were only $1.99, and in fact, the portion was outstanding for that price - I think there were 7 in the box. They were terrible. Even for $1.99, I won't make that mistake again.But aside from the poppers which may have been slightly undercooked, the burger was good and the place looked especially clean - something you look for in a roadside eating place built between the "Buttman" magazine stand and the beer cooler. Hey, our anniversary is coming up and it isn't everyday you can get dinner and entertainment for such a good deal.


M2 said...

What's next Dave, the Vietnamese restaurant at the gas station at Braun and Bandera?!?

If you eat there, you are a braver man than I am!

Dave said...

Sometimes ya gotta shake things up! If I add the Vietnamese place to the list, I'm sure it will go way down toward the bottom...

Anonymous said...

Eva say's

Okay I have to confess. The ONLY reason I will have a burger from this place is because I know the kid that makes my burger.I also know his whole family. Not just mom and dad but aunt,& grandparents and I know how clean they are and how well this young man was brought up.Just a good kid making a livin.I don't make it a habit to say "Hey lets eat in a gas station today".

Lora said...

Since you are in that area, you gotta try S.Halsted Chicago St Grill. It has maybe the best gyro in SA. Its behind Kings BBQ across from John Jay. We spent time in Turkey so really picky on my gyros. Also hot dogs, hamburgers, Italian beef as well.

Now I never went into any of those places across from Jay thinking lunch places just for the kids. But thank heavens someone said you gotta try the place. I sent hubby said I want a gyro or I would have been deciding what to pick for the next 30 minutes. www.chicagostreetgrill.com

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