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Friday, April 3, 2009

Worst. Parents. Ever!

After taking a moment to post a picture of my son posing in front of plane all spiffy in his flight suit, I totally blew off a very important anniversary.

My daughter joined the Air Force two years ago this week and she didn't as much as get a mention from me (or an e-mail or phone call to congratulate her).
You can certainly understand her disappointment. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Eva Says:)
I didn't forget .... I just didn't remember:) Sorry Sweetpea. Love the Air Force attitude look.
Sending a surprise as soon as I get home.

KeithAlanK said...

Everyone knows that daughters are meant to be neglected and then bought-off.
Don't fall for it.

Anonymous said...

Not this one she is special and I don't mean "helmet special" either.She is my heart and we should have remembered. Our Bad ....

Neglected Daughter said...

It's alright, really, as long as the Air Force doesn't forget my pay raise and clothing allowance. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

..roxie..give them your saddest puppy eyes..pouty lips..and a sigh..sniffy nose..and a quick turn of the head to top off your drama queen............lol nena

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