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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mark Your Calendars: Luau and Casino in GNW...

On the off chance that your social calendar is normally booked solid several weeks ahead of time, I offer you two important events that you should prepare yourself for.

First, if you are a card carrying member of the Great Northwest, you simply must attend the GNW Annual Luau which takes place on Saturday, the 15th of August. Unfortunately, the poster I have does not include a time on it, but my guess is 7'ish. I'll update when I learn more.
I should tell you that my wife and I attended the last Luau with neighbors and we had a blast. The GNW Sounds warmed up the crowd with a few festive numbers at the beginning of the event, then a DJ/Karaoke guy came on and really got things going. The event is for adults aged 21 and up and it is a BYOB type of thing. There will be food provided. Don't call PETA, but someone said they might even have a pig on a spit! Check your next Passages for details.

Up next, on Saturday the 5th of September between 7-11pm, the GNW will have a Wild West themed Casino Night. Put on your best jeans, maybe a vest and a cowboy hat, and men, consider wearing one of those fancy western style country and western shirts. I'm going dressed as Porter Wagoner! (Kidding)
My wife and I had an awesome time at the first Casino Night. The folks who put it on did a great job and nobody, far as I could tell, was disappointed. This one is not free and it is not BYOB, but everything is very reasonable. Again, learn more in Passages.

We hope to see you at both these fun events!

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Anonymous said...

I work at a
drug rehab and the actual facility used to be a casino resort. Good thing it's not because last time I went to the casino I lost my ass.

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