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Friday, July 10, 2009

Movie Report: Ghost World...WTF?

You may already be aware that Oprah is not allowed in our house; somehow, this has translated into my wife watching all sorts of shows on Lifetime Television. So, she sees this advertisement for a movie called Ghost World and records it on the DVR.

This evening, I spent roughly an hour and a half watching a very entertaining movie. But the thing about DVR's is, you can fast-forward as you get to the commercials and therefore, you also can see just how many minutes are left in the program. This is important to know if you are trying to figure out how a particular movie is going to end.

And as the clock was winding down on Ghost World, My wife and I started to look at one another as if this was going to be, dare I say it, another No Country for Old Men moment. Sonovabitch!

The thing is, I simply love Steve Buscemi in everything he does and I adore Scarlett Johansson from her role in Lost in Translation, easily one of my personal favorite movies. And I like this sort of movie. It is off the wall, you have to make yourself sit through enough of it to get going as opposed to simply giving up in the first few minutes. But for craps sakes; it was all going so well until the last several minutes of the movie.

I shan't spoil it for you, because it may so happen that you will want to watch it over and over again on Lifetime since they will surely play it many more times this month. But please, can someone do my wife and I a huge favor and just let us in on the ending. If you are already familiar with the movie we have a question or two.

Is the Edna chick a ghost, and if so, for the entire movie? Does Scarlett Johansson know her friend is dead? Did the old man on the bus bench getting on the bus mean that he was dead? Is Steve Buscemi dead?

What ever happened to living happily ever after? And for crap sakes, why do we have to watch a movie for almost two hours only to have to guess at what the hell the ending really was? Tell me about it, or leave a comment if you know...

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Anonymous said...

Ghost World is actually from a comic book of the same name by Daniel Clowes.

No one is dead :) At the end, Rebecca and Enid stop being friends. Rebecca has a relationship with Josh and becomes "normal" and mature. Enid couldn't get into college and doesn't mature, becomes more of a misfit, and leaves town at the end to start a new life.

Hope this helps!

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