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Friday, July 10, 2009

Late Like Me...

This has been a pretty busy week - hence my lack of any important information here. Oh, nothing really important, just doing some picture scanning, some treadmilling and that sort of thing.

The picture thing: I have posted before that I have amassed over the years, a huge collection of pictures taken during the past 25 or so years. When we came into the digital age, I bought a scanner wear I could begin the tedious process of scanning in said pictures so they could be preserved, cropped, e-mailed, whatever. But, the technology when I got my first scanner was somewhat slow. I mean, really slow to the point that it took probably two full minutes to preview, scan, size, and save each picture. So there was no way I was going to sit there and scan pictures for an hour at a time and only get through a few sets. It ended up that I would just scan specific favorites that I wanted to send to family or use for projects.

As the technology has progressed and as I have gone through five or six different scanners, things have sped up and it is now worth the effort to scan even the ugly pictures. It is not unthinkable to scan 100 pictures in an hour or so.

So I have been busy with that and I'll be sure to share some more Random Photos with you.

The other thing that has taken a little bit of time from my usual blog-surfing and restaurant reviewing is the fact that I may have been doing a little too much blog-surfing and restaurant reviewing, and not enough of the treadmill walking.

Oh who am I kidding; have you seen my fat ass lately? At the 4th of July Parade, I think I nearly gave the little electric motor on the scooter a heart attack! So, following much good eats during the 4th of July weekend, my wife started me back on a more sensible diet. In other words, I'm not eating everything within grasp. And, of course, I am back on the treadmill.

My older brother told me about using the Wii Fit deal to lose an assload of weight. So we are also in the process of getting that little action going. But in the mean time, I'm hitting that treadmill and of course, watching Hulu while I do it.

My wife and I finished watching all the episodes of the British version of Life on Mars (loved it) and we have made it through all the episodes of the follow-up show to that, Ashes to Ashes (loving it). And this week when I fired up the treadmill, I finished watching the one and only season of Manhattan, AZ. (I loved it!)

That brings me to today. I just happened on to the season 1, episode 1 of Dead Like Me. I am hooked!

I know, you are saying to yourself, "Where has this guy been?" Several people have told me about this awesome show before, but to be honest, I only have so many allotted hours in a given day, and I just can't spend them all watching TV. But, when I do stumble upon something good, even if it is coming late to the party, I'll tell you about it.

So now you know.


Anonymous said...

I loved "Dead like me"! My daughter has the complete DVD set and she let me borrow it. It is so good. It's too bad that it didn't last long. I love that she got killed by a toilet seat from the Russian spaceship and now is a reaper who has to get a job so she can get an apartment.

Maureen said...

Dead Like Me is my favorite sci-fi channel (oops, sy fy channel) show EVER. I have season 1 on DVD and I can watch it over and over because I have a huge girl-crush on Ellen Muth. She's the cutest! It's a great show.

mick129 said...

I love Dead Like Me too. Don't get your hopes up for a conclusion, though. It ends a bit abruptly and the follow-up movie isn't good.

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