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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lunch Report: Bud Jones...

My wife and I found ourselves on the south side shortly after noon today and when the topic of lunch came up, she casually mentioned Bud Jones amongst a list of several other eateries we had not been to in years.Bud Jone's has been around since the late 1950's and is one of those places that everyone seems to know about. I know I had been before, but I couldn't tell you when it was or what I had - it must have been easily 10 or 15 years ago.

So we pulled in and found parking in the back lot - the place was doing an extremely brisk business, which I suspect is pretty much the way it is all the time there. In case the location might make you nervous, I will tell you that there was a security guard perched in a little deer blind dutifully watching the lot for any shenanigans that might be going on.
We were seated directly across from where people enter and wait to be seated. I wasn't exactly thrilled about the location at first, but after a while, I realized it was a good place for inspecting the clientele. My wife asked me at one point if I thought that many of the patrons seemed to be a little "odd"? Oh sure, I could have simply set the camera up and photographed each party arriving, but that might have been noticeable. Please don't get me wrong; there were plenty of your normal people entering for some after church lunch or perhaps a family get together. It just both struck us that during our 45 minutes to an hour sitting there and seeing every person who entered or left, there was an above average number of circus freaks, twins, oddly shaped individuals and people who seemed to be from other planets. But I like that in a restaurant; it makes me feel at home.Our entrees came with a choice of soup or salad. My wife had the vegetable soup and I had the house salad with Ranch. The soup was good and the salad was just right. Oh sure, I would have liked some croutons, but I'm not complaining.My wife ordered up a platter called "The Net" that came with two planks of fish, some shrimp and some great onion rings. The onion rings were simply awesome, though you do need to eat them while they are hot (as it should be). The onions had a sweet taste and the breading was done just right. The shrimp were also excellent. Butterflied and fried, not too crunchy. The fish was Alaskan Cod and my wife enjoyed it enough to join the clean-plate club.As soon as I saw the catfish on the menu, I knew that was what I would be having. It came with 2 smallish jalapeno hush puppies that were tasty, though not as jalapeno'ee as I expected. The catfish planks were huge. In fact, it was almost tough to work with them on the size of plate they give you. I guess I'm more of a catfish nugget person, but the taste was good and like the onion rings, the breading was just fine. The tarter sauce was also good. The plates are really loaded, and though I realize I am not required by law to finish everything they give me, it just tastes so good. I did leave the fries, since I had been stealing onion rings and shrimp from my wife's plate, but my wife says they were good.There are several dining areas within the place and it seems like they have quite a large staff running around to serve everyone. In spite of it being a large place, it feels very homey and old style diner like. I think they probably could stand to remodel, but then again, why bother as long as the food is good, and for us, it was.Have you been to Bud Jones? Got any favorites from their huge menu? Tell me about it or leave a comment below.


brenty said...

I have been wanting to go there (just for the onion rings) but as a recent widow, I'm a little afraid to go alone to certain areas I'm not familiar with. Glad to hear they are great though!

Anonymous said...

It's safe during the day :)

Dave said...

Brenty, it is more than safe during the day.

I had no idea of your loss - sorry to hear. Please e-mail me.

Sabra said...

I grew up on the south side, so it would never occur to me to be worried about the area Bud Jones is in. That said, I went there once a good decade ago & have no real interest in returning. I damn near had to slap the waiter's nose out of my blouse. There's friendly service, and then there's borderline sexual harassment.

Curtis said...

I think it should be a crime to go to bud jones and not get the chicken fried steak...when I lived by brooks and I wanted a Chicken fried steak I always headed straight to Bud Jones...huge portions and very tasty

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