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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strange in 78250: Flag Wars...

So I have driven by this home for that last month at least that I can recall, and they are proudly flying what I believe to be the Mexican national flag.No big deal to me at all. If these people drive by my house, they will see that I have a US flag as well as a Texas state flag. Call us a little over-patriotic, but we just like to fly both of them.

I have no issue at all with the people who fly the Mexican flag on their home. As an American stationed overseas, I have flown the US and Texas flags, and honestly, thought nothing of it. I never once suspected that it pissed off any of the people in my host country, or at least none of them ever said anything to me. Likewise, my daughter lives in New Jersey, and you would be shocked to know that on her street alone, she and at least three or four others are flying Texas flags. And of course there are a few folks who fly flags identifying themselves as Cowboy fans or Steeler fans or fans of whatever season or major holiday it is.
Anyway, as we were hitting some garage sales today, my wife pointed out to me that the people who live across the street from the Mexican flag family are apparently flying the US flag a bit prouder. Good for them.

Like I say, fly the flag of your choice. Makes no diff to me, but it would be pretty darn enjoyable, if not strange, to see these neighbors get into one of those full on flag competitions where the next thing you know, we have dueling 200 foot high masts with a sea of color waving in the 100 degree afternoon sun. If only there was a Puerto Rican family or perhaps some Russian folks living on that street; that would be some good times.

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Anon E. Mouse said...

I remember seeing that house with the American Flag hanging in front of their garage, and wondered if they ever used their garage for parking inside. Guess not, based on the photo.

Didn't notice the house across the street, however.

Thanks, Eva and Dave!

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