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Monday, July 6, 2009


Am I the only person who gets the feeling that each time they have to delay putting us into the next stage of tighter water restrictions, it just pisses off the people in charge of water? I mean really, when we get the slightest amount of rain to make our aquifer rise just an inch as opposed to dropping a foot, I just know there is some bureaucrat slamming his fist on the desk yelling dammit!

Enjoy the drought... and some rain.


Albatross said...

Does your tub have a plug? If so, jump in, and have a bath!

Anonymous said...

It does have a plug but it is used for beer not baths :)

AlanDP said...

Has stage 3 ever been implemented before? I think they're excited because we have a chance at a good, long (and unprecedented) run at stage 3 this time, and anything that delays it frustrates their dreams.

Anonymous said...

..the tubs should of been placed under that rainwaterfall you had..collected rain water

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