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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip Report: What to do at Exit 101 in Lafayette, LA...

We took a short little drive down I-10 today just to see what we could see, and aside from a few really dangerous drivers, have nothing exciting to report.

This is sort of interesting. We hit Houston just at the beginning of rush hour but actually made reasonable time. The weird thing was, nobody was using the specially built HOV/Toll lanes.
Think I'm kidding? The lanes to the left of the white dividers are the toll lanes. I doubt those years of construction are paying for themselves. This was entertaining long enough for me to get by it.We stopped in Beaumont so I could grab a coffee and my wife could get a french fry. Nice people at the McDonald's between Magnolia & MLK. But the customers made me nervous.

We eased into Louisiana at a pretty good clip even though we saw at least a dozen troopers and local police with people pulled over from San Antonio to Vidor. Luck was with us, or not with the folks who got stopped.

For several miles, I was behind a guy in a pick-up truck pulling a trailer - one of those 8 foot enclosed trailers like you might rent at U-Haul. Traffic was moving at a pretty good clip - say 75 - 80mph or so but you had to change lanes from time to time to avoid the jerks who insist on going 55 in a 70.

Anyway, for some reason, the guy pulling the trailer forgot (it would appear) that he was pulling a trailer, because I witnessed him simply change lanes in front of three different vehicles with enough room for his truck, BUT NOT THE TRAILER he was pulling. To paraphrase a Jeff Kay'ism, it was enough to make my sphincter wink.
I got the feeling the guy was eager to get to Exit 72.I think that was enough for us to call it a night in Lafayette and make a stop at the convenience store to where I imagined all sorts of whacky shenanigans were taking place (you have to click on the Jeff Kay link to get it). In fact, I grabbed a 6-pack from the cooler and it had somehow shrunk. We'll be sure to pace ourselves...


KeithAlanK said...

8 ounces of beer doesn't work.
You barely get started and it's gone.
I'm thinking somebody needs to put out 6-packs of 24 oz cans.
As for the trailer thing, I've noticed a certain breed of moron who will wait for me to pass them before pulling out behind me, and they seem surprised when my trailer is in their way.
So it goes both ways, badly.

Albatross said...

Are those the beers they sell to the under-21s? I had heard Colorado had two kinds of beer with different alcohol levels for different age tiers, but I don't recall seeing such dinky beers.

Oh, wait. Really, as I was typing, I suddenly remembered Budweiser ponies back in the day. I believe those were 7 ounce bottles. Anyone else remember those?

cbien said...

Ahh.. Beaumont, my hometown! That McDonald's you stopped off at is actually less than one mile from my mom's house (kind of in the ghetto).

Next time you drive through Beaumont, there is some definite good eats to be had!

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