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Monday, June 1, 2009

TV Report Update: The Cleto Show...

So call me a glutton for punishment or just someone who is willing to give a show a few shots, but I let the DVR roll last night for The Cleto Show. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see my first report here. Oh, and be sure to check out the comments - someone was pretty offended that I didn't just rave about our own home grown Cleto Rodriguez.

Anyway, the news is good. I can say with all honesty that I had two full belly laughs and numerous smiles during last nights show. And for me, that is pretty good. I'm one of those people who can find something amusing without busting a gut for the next thirty seconds.

Anyway, the opening scene has Cleto and his trusty agent Jesus (I'll just call him Jesus, though we understand his real name is Tommy) in a restaurant ordering an assload of tacos when they are joined by the mother with infant and grandmother. Of course the grandmother yells at Cleto for being a Gordo.

Anyway, a waitress comes up and asks for an autograph and goes on and on about how she likes the show. When Cleto acknowledges that he is the celebrity, the waitress ignores him and seeks Jesus' autograph. It was actually well done and I give props to the abuelita for her comedic timing and the waitress for her solid portrayal as a, well, waitress. Especially funny was the mother pouring Big Red into the baby bottle. If you aren't from San Antonio, you may not catch the local stereotype, but it is damn funny and quite accurate.

My wife and I both got a giggle from the whole thing.

Next, we are on the set of Cleto's new theater and he is interviewing Whoopi Goldberg . In fact, it actually goes off pretty smoothly, and was very well edited (compared to the webisode version), accept for the fact that my wife tells me that it really isn't Whoopi. Of course, what do I know?

Next thing you know, the tape pauses and we are in the Hollywood producer's office and he is chastising Jesus and Cleto for using an impersonator. Friends, it was funny and it worked.

For quite some time, the show does a segment about Fiesta and hits the local parades and events with lots of stuff that is pretty typical of San Antonio, enough to generate a smirk or a nod of understanding. For some reason, the focus was more on Jesus instead of Cleto, highlighting an increasing stack of beer cups and the different antics fat drunk guys perform while getting liquored up at Fiesta. Not that I would know.

Anyway, we cut away to some random backyard party where Cleto is doing comedy stand-up. I'm sorry to report, this was the least funniest bit of the show. Not that Cleto isn't cleaver, but from a TV production aspect, it was just not done well at all.

First of all, stand-up sometimes has to be propped up by the energy from the audience. In this case, the microphone sound was on Cleto but you could only faintly hear the audience (all six of them?) Secondly, behind Cleto were real party goers at the party this scene was filmed at, who clearly were more interested in picking up each other rather than listening to what Cleto had to say. Surely a stage manager could have asked the people to move away from the set or at least pretend to enjoy the routine.

Actually, he had several solidly funny jokes, but again, it was the production quality that just sucked. Work on it, people.

Finally, we find that a now 'faced Jesus, complete with Fiesta-stacked beer cups is going to to interview George Lopez. Cleto can't make it so he prays for Jesus to have some common sense. Of course, we learn that George Lopez is actually a police officer named , really, George Lopez, and we find ourselves back in the producers office looking at the tape and smacking Jesus and Cleto for being stupid.

It was again, slightly humorous.

In the end, our friend Jesus nurses his hangover with lots of menudo and water and we all live happily ever after.

I do enjoy the stereotypes of life in San Antonio. That alone makes it worth trying to stick it out for another show. The down side is, I find myself more interested in what Jesus and the producer are doing, and a lot less interested in Cleto, the star of the show.

This is the fault of the writers and the producers.

Did you see last night's Cleto Show? Will I get another round of scorching comments from Ricardo Montalban? Can't wait.


Albatross said...

Your fisking of Ricardo on the last comment thread was great. I can't wait to see if he comes back for more!

P.S.: Big Red in the baby bottle -- that's classic!

derekmarc said...

I completely hated it. From beginning to end. Not my type of humor nor does the production, editing, writing help.

deep forest said...

IIRC Ricardo Montalban is no longer with us...but Tattoo is...

Albatross said...

I wish Ricardo would come back, so I could say:

Khan, I'm laughing at the "superior intellect."


Anonymous said...

You sure that wasn't Whoopi? Sure looked and sounded like her!

Dave said...

You sure that wasn't Whoopi? Sure looked and sounded like her!

I thought it was Whoopi - and if it wasn't, I was sure there must be some serious legal issue on the webisodes posted on the web page because they do not say she is a fake. Who knows? Only Whoopi, for sure.

Anonymous said...

It sucks lame. If it was't for Eva and Tony Parker' help it wouldn't be on. Using the chicano card to be on local t.v. I hope he doesn't cry when his show is cnacelled. Forced fake laughs and applause when doing stand up.

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