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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miss Manners: CMS?

I received a near frantic phone message at work today from my wife who was simply beside herself. It would appear that someone had left something in our front yard, but so as to warn us of the situation, they were kind enough to leave a little marker.

I'm guessing this is something covered by Miss Manners, because while the leaving of one's "business" is certainly not something she would condone, I suspect Miss Manners would be proud that the assailant left a clear signal for us to avoid a messy situation.
Of course, I'm talking about someone taking a big huge dump in my front yard. Okay, upon closer inspection, it was probably their dog that took the crap and left it there.The norm is to pick up your dog's doo and put it in a bag (displaying it proudly to onlookers) and carry it home to dispose of properly. I can only speculate that someone had a dog get loose and upon chasing it down to my front yard, was not prepared to remove said matter. But because we live in a neighborhood with predominantly nice and respectful people, the pet-parent kindly found a stick to mark the territory. I suppose you could call this a Crap Marking System (CMS).

Thank you, polite pet owner.

Attention PETA: No pets were harmed in the making of this blog, though I suspect there is at least one dog who could benifit from the Purina One program.


Anonymous said...

Eva says:)
This is the reason why I don't walk Gracie in the hood cause I don't and or won't pick up poo.. They need to feed this dog Purina One.. Less poo and it dissolves.Sorry all I didn't think he would take a picture but I should know better.Reminds me of the story of the "Mad Craper" . I will be on the look out tomorrow morning with a hose. EEEEEEEEEEYYYYUUUUCCCCKKKKYYYY

Maureen said...

Haha....I walk a mile every day with about 2 pounds of poop in a bag from my Bassett.....but I won't let him in anyone's yard. He has to do his business in the street. I'm a polite pet owner. However, the neighborhood needs a refresher course in this because my yard always has strange turds in it ( strange because you KNOW what your own dog's turds look like) and they are definitely not on the Purina One program. I hate picking up my own dog's poop, let alone someone else's. So, thanks for the PSA--Poop Service Announcement.

M2 said...


You are forgetting the possibility that it was the DOG that left the stick! Don't underestimate our canine friends!

Cheers! M2

Rich said...

M2 might be onto something. Nice illustration by the way. Maybe you should get into forensics. Better yet, maybe you and M2 should join forces!! Your blog often enhances my day.

M2 said...

Last time Dave and I joined forces, we almost violated the Dayton Peace Accords! But it was fun, wasn't it?

Dave said...

But it was fun, wasn't it?

Yea. Just the thought of running up the stairs of that apartment building in Mostar in a flak jacket and an M-16 reminds me of just how fun. My knees hurt thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

There's a story to be told Mostar - stairs,flak jacket and M-16!

Give it up!

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