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Friday, June 19, 2009

All Out of Love? Really?

I don't want to make it appear as though I am complaining. I mean, I like Air Supply and their Greatest Hits just as much as the next guy. But can we at least agree that at some point, headphones are in order?

For the past few months, several of the neighbors on my street and the next one over have been on the receiving end of some liquored-up guy who must be going through some sort of emotional state that requires him to turn on an extremely low quality boom box at more than extremely high volumes, blasting music at random times of the day. It could be 9am or midnight.

I hate those cars that make that deep bass thump-thump-thump sound, but I almost wish this guy could get some speakers like those, just so the music he is blasting into my yard from five houses down could sound a little better.

I like oldies just as much as the next mid-forties guy. And who doesn't want to attend a wedding and hear Air Supply proclaim that they are all out of love? Hell, I'll even admit to owning the album, if you will accept that I purchased it when I was a member of the Columbia House Record Club and it was one of my free 8 albums for a penny, at the age of 16.

So tonight, my wife goes out to our lower deck and sets up the projector, puts in a DVD of the movie Chicken Run, and we kick back to enjoy the almost cool breeze and watch a flick. It was almost like being at the drive-in, only I don't have to smuggle in the beer because it is in my refrigerator and I own the place.

Anyway, we keep the volume at a relatively subdued level, but loud enough to hear, when the next thing you know, instead of chickens clucking and such, I keep hearing Air Supply. And I don't mean an occasional high pitched chorus, I'm talking every note and every octave.

Oh sure, if it had been some George Strait or some AC/DC, I might suspect the guy is having a pool party, but no; at 10PM on a Friday night, dude has Air Supply on about a three or four song rotation. Let's hope he was wearing pants.

Headphones my friend; headphones.

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