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Friday, June 5, 2009

River Walk Construction Update: I'm Done...

Between February 2008 and June of 2009, I would stop along the McCullough Avenue bridge near the intersection of North St. Mary's in downtown San Antonio to see the progress on either side of the bridge. I generally took three to four pictures of each side of the bridge, starting with facing north east toward Alamo Heights. The next bridge up the river is Brooklyn Avenue where the lock system is built. The other side of the McCullough bridge faces the south west toward downtown and the next bridge down is Lexington Avenue.

As the work progressed, sometimes very slowly, I posted updates between one every several weeks and a month or so. My time line was dictated by how often I was downtown, and since I only hit my downtown office randomly, there was no set schedule. So in the end, I think this might have been a spiffier project if I had one of those mounted skycams like the news stations use so I could take pictures from the exact spot each time and at a certain time on a particular day each week, but I just don't have the budget or the viewership of KENS-5 or KSAT.

Roughly 16 months compressed into less than 12 minutes.

My River Walk Construction video with music from Strunz & Farah...

UPDATED: Added proper music credits and explained what it was you are looking at.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME:) You did a great job and I am so gosh darn proud of you :)I knew you had patience but gee that is a long project and I would have gotten inpatient waiting :) Good job honey :)

Albatross said...

Nicely done.

KeithAlanK said...

That's a seriously comprehensive archive of that section's improvement. Well Done, Sir.
The music was great, too--give a credit!
Wish I could get blogger video to work for my uploads, but the small screen size kinda blows.
Otherwise, video and sound quality were excellent.

Dave said...

The music was great, too--give a credit!

Thanks... Yes, I meant to on the first cut and didn't. I have since re-done it and updated with credits in the movie and at the end.

I think if I had the time, I could really do a lit better with it, but I haven't used Windows Movie Maker much. I would have done it in Pinnacle, but haven't figured out the best way to use it for just photos.

Anonymous said...

Dave, thanks so much for putting this together and getting it on your blog for all of us to enjoy. I sure do appreciate it.

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