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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lunch Report: Spanky's Smokehouse on Blanco...

I received an e-mail from a friend suggesting that we try out a place over on Blanco just south of 1604 called Spanky's Smokehouse and Saloon, and since my wife and just happened to be in the area, we figured we ought to stop in for a little taste.If you have ever been in that area, Spanky's is located in what used to be the Hungry Farmer, so right away you will feel like perhaps you have been there before.We were seated and then almost immediately greeted by our waitress who was quick to offer up some of their awesome iced tea. I asked for mine to be half sweet and half unsweetened, and that presented no problem whatsoever, even when she came back for my five or six refills. Before we even get to the food, I will tell you that our waitress was probably the most competent and friendly we have experienced in a really long time.My wife ordered a beef brisket sandwich with onion rings for $7.95. They loaded it up with excellent brisket and even grilled the buns as required in order to be good. My wife has the no sauce rule when she is trying a new meat, and sure enough this brisket passed the test.The onion rings we great. Served with some creamy cayenne sauce that has just enough of a kick, they were good with or without. My wife also asked for some honey mustard to dip her rings in and it was also very good.The waitress brought out three sauces for us to use. The one on the left was their habanero sauce, the middle was some sort of Carolina style, and the one on the right was the house mixture. I ordered the Texas Pulled Pork with rings for $6.95 and it was quite excellent. On one side of it, I used the Spanky's house sauce which had a nice little tangy kick, but not anything that would hurt the taste of the vittles. On the other half, I tried the Carolina mixture which has to be shaken up before you use it since it involves vinegar and stuff that settles to the bottom. That was lip smackin' good.When we were done, our waitress tempted us with multiple dessert options and we gave in, splitting a piece of apple cobbler. Good stuff, even for the early afternoon.

It turns out that Spanky's is a chain of one store so far with aspirations for more. We were quick to give our vote for opening one in the Alamo Ranch area. Really, if you are in the area, you owe it to yourself to stop in and give them a try. On our next visit, I will have to try the chicken and perhaps the ribs.
No question at all. Great service, fair price, and outstanding vittles gets Spanky's Smokehouse a Tasty Treat!


Megan said...

Hi Dave!

What was your waitresses name? If you don't mind me asking! :)

Dave said...

I'm afraid we could not recall the waitress's name by the time we got home. I suspect she may somehow be related to the owner though. Young, attractive, thin, polite, cheerful and engaging personality, brownish or darker hair.

Sorry I don't have a name.

Megan said...

Oh it's no problem! I was just wondering because I work there! :) We love hearing great things and our servers love hearing good things about them! :D

Dave said...

Well y'all are doing a good job. The waitress we had told us about having brisket and pulled pork for Christmas dinner; she seemed to love her vittles!

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