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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Timber Path Construction Update...

It isn't that I have forgotten about the Timber Path construction taking place - I have to drive by it each day, it's just that I have been too lazy to pull over and take some pictures. But since I'm a glutton for 102 degree heat in the middle of the afternoon, I figured I'd leave the comfort of my air conditioned vehicle and take a few pictures. I think I may need some sunscreen and a cool drink.If you weren't aware, this construction is taking place over the dry creek bed back behind the Bill Miller's and What-a-Burger located on Grissom Road at Timber Path. The idea is, because the creek floods when it rains (obviously not a problem during the drought) and blocks the flow of traffic, they are building a bridge that will allow drivers to drive right over the water. It has been a long time coming.You can see here that they have been building up all sorts of pylons (I guess that's what you call them) so the bridge can sit atop them. For such a relatively short bridge, it sure seems like a lot. But then again, since I'll be driving over it, I think the more support the better!


Karen said...

The more piers, the better because of the amount of water that CAN and HAS come through that spot!

adam said...

Factor in that we are going to most likely have a flood to end this drought anyway....We are gonna need those!

brenty said...

Do you know if they are going to do anything with old Grissom?

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