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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reminder: GNW Casino Night...Saturday 2 May

Friday night my wife and I stopped into the lodge at Silver Creek on our way home from early voting so we could see the set-up for the Casino Night. Looks like a fun time in the making!A few guys were busy setting up the tables for black jack and craps and roulette and they already had a row of slot machines lined up. I asked one of the workers if they planned on pumping in oxygen so it would feel like Vegas but he wasn't sure (rough crowd). He did tell me however, that if people show up early (it starts at 7pm, so I assume 6pm would be early) they would have people teaching everyone how to play each of the games. That sounds cool.I don't expect there will be little cocktail waitress zooming around the room feeding you drinks just for sitting on the slot machine for an hour, but they will have a cash bar available, which is code for: don't bring your ice chest full of coldies and pull it around with you (like I have been known to do at the annual luau).

What to wear? Not T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. They are going for more of a slacks and shirt crowd. In fact, if you wanted to put on your best Rat Pack uniform and pretend to be Ol' Blue Eyes in a tie with a nice fedora, that might be fun, as long as you don't go around crooning people as they throw the dice.
The staff has been working to get the place all spiffed up for the event and based upon the number of calls they have received, it sounds like we may have a great turn-out. Hope to see you there!

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Lynne said...

We were planning on making a great time of it tonight, but all the kids have strep throat.
So in consideration of everyone else (including a potential babysitter) we'll stay home and join you all next time!
Have fun!!!

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