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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Cod is Coming!

I know. Just like you, I have also been speculating wildly about the restaurant opening up in place of the recently abandoned Pizza Hut on Grissom Road near Timber Path.

A few weeks ago, one of our readers sent me the answer: Mr. Cod. Yea, she walked in and asked the people working on the place, who they worked for. Now, thanks to my thriving network of blog reporters, I get a call from regular reader Anon E. Mouse, reporting that new signage is going up. So of course, pictures are necessary!
Today, reader Brenty lets me know that we have an actual website for Mr. Cod, and in fact, this is a company based out of the UK. Check them out here.

I don't mean to get all giddy here, but we could seriously have some awesome authentic fish & chips less than five minutes from the house. Naturally, I'll report when warranted.


Albatross said...

"Mr. Cod." That's strange.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they didn't check out the horrible parking area in front of the place before they decided to open up their franchise. We stopped going to Pizza Hut for that reason. It's a very difficult area to enter and leave.

Maureen said...

Great news! I hope they're good....we could seriously use some good seafood in these parts.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait

Anonymous said...

Nice site, Dave. I'm going to have to check a couple of these places out. BTW, I'm not sure the "B" lunch does justice to Sea Island. I usually get the jumbo shrimp plate or fried whole snapper. For burgers, have you tried the new Ruby Tuesday's at 281 and Evans? They will fix it nice and pink, if you like (I think run-of-the-mill ground beef can only be served well done.) You might also like their shrimp (too spicey for me.)

Anonymous said...

I love Fish & Chicken, this is real close to where i live and pass by it daily, can't wait to try it

Jose said...

Dave and SC neighbors: my wife and I tried the new Mr. Cod's and were not impressed with the food. We were hoping for some good seafood. but we both commented that Long John Silver's would be better and we don't like Long John's. The fish was way to "bready", more bread than fish. The "chips" are french fries with no tasty flavor on their own. The cost is typical, my meal was $8 and change (1 filet-[sm to med size]/chips/drink). My wife's meal was $5 & change. Unfortunately we will not return.

Anonymous said...

I tried this place and was thoroughly disappointed. The pieces of fish are small (one per order) and they load your basket with fries (not the English chips). Two baskets like this with two drinks will set you back almost $18. Do yourself a favor and have some good Chinese food at Happy Guy for less if you don't want to drive too far. If you don't mind the drive, try La Playa Seafood Restaurant. Much more food for the price. Lesson learned for me: "Stick to what you know".

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