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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mr. Cod Update: Soon...

This has turned into a daily drive-by, and I don't mean the duck and cover kind. Ever since we thought that Mr. Cod was going to be opening for business last Friday, my wife and I have put dinner plans on hold pending the Go/No-Go decision I make when I drive by the place on my way home from work.

Since then, we have had Goomba's, Sea Island, ChaCho's, Bill Miller's and even What-a-Burger. You'd think that we would just throw something on the stove and eat like normal people, but that anticipation of trying a new place - especially the British Fish & Chips - it has left us completely out of whack.
But I have some good news. Today, I saw some movement in the situation. We have an actual message on the signage saying "Open Soon." A neighbor even stopped in and demanded answers. The owners have no idea that our entire community is set to bust down the doors, just to try the place out.

The inside poop is, possibly Thursday.

Yea. If so, we eat there tomorrow. As a back-up though, I'm thinking maybe we could just heat up some regular vittles here.


Maureen said...

I'm so afraid that it's going to suck. That is all.

Dave said...

I'm so afraid that it's going to suck.

Hush your mouth! I'm depending on it to be good. Think positive thoughts!

Maureen said...

Haha! I WANT it to be nothing short of spectacular! I haven't had good fish n chips since I was a young girl at Bob's Fish n Chips in Morro Bay, CA. I'm way overdue.

Maureen said...

I'm guessing you had regular vittles tonight? We drove by there and they are busy getting it ready, but there will be no fish n chips today. Tomorrow, perhaps?

M2 said...

Dave, I think I feel the same as Maureen...I don't want to get my hopes up too high as the fall would be unbearable. I was in Huntingdon back in January and the first thing I did after dropping all my gear off at the hotel was walk down the "town centre" to the chippy on the opposite end. It was everything it should have been...steamy, hot and the best damn fish and chips I have had in ages. The cod was excellent, and the chips were the typically undercooked delicacy that they needed to be. It was heaven! I long for such British cuisine here, but much like good German food I believe the only place you are going to find it is over the pond!

Cheers! M2

Maureen said...

Sign says "OPEN" today (Saturday) but we are too full from Farmer's Market....maybe tomorrow we'll be ready to try it.

brenty said...

Well, I went to the opening today
I'm sorry to say I was not impressed. You could tell the staff was all thumbs but that okay, they're new. I ordered the #4Cod, fries and a drink or pie for $8.90. The fish smelled and tasted very, very fishy and I couldn't eat it. Fresh fish doesn't not have an odor. There was more breading than fish; the fries were just okay, a bit soggy. For that price you can order the same thing at Sea Island, plus you get cole slaw and hush puppies.
I may try it again after a couple of months but until then, since Barnacle Bills is no longer, :( I will continue to go to Sea Island. I hope your experience is better. I really had my hopes up too.

Dave said...

Let's hope that it is just the initial opening day jitters. Of course, I won't be able to check it out for myself until next Friday.

Note to Mr. Cod... Let's get it together by Friday; I'll be eagerly waiting for some fish & chips goodness!

Anon E. Mouse said...

My wife picked up fish and chips on Saturday, opening day, and I was under impressed. The fish was a whole fillet, not minced fish, and appeared to be hand breaded. I didn't notice any fishy smell, taste was okay. The fries, well, the previous comment about "soggy" were well on target. I tossed them into my toaster oven to finish cooking them to my satisfaction. They need to fry them more completely to make me happy. Skinny shoestring style fries, soggy as hell.

Curtis Lee said...

So after a long shift at work on Memorial Day I decided to treat the family to some seafood. The experience was subpar to say the least. As soon as I walk up to the cashier, she is on the phone with another customer and asks me if cod is white fish cause another customer wants to know?? I should have known how this was going to end. I ordered the huge chicken sandwich, shrimp combo and 2 fish tacos to go. As I waited 25 minutes for my order the drink girl brought my 3 drinks and proceeded to tell me that they do not offer drink carriers..Believe me I had an interesting ride home and I only live 2 minutes away. After I finally got my order and presented my family with dinner what I found was a soggy mess. The fries were limp and covered in grease, the fish tacos should be called spicy tater sauce tacos because it was just smothered in it and the chicken sandwich consisted of 2 chicken sandwiches stacked on top of each other. Now my wife loves chicken and she hated the food. I’m not one to complain but the food is horrible and for the same money I can get better quality at sea island. I understand that in any new business there are glitches during grand opening and I will try them one more time in a few months …for Mr. Cods sake I hope they improve otherwise the will be short lived in this neighborhood.

Maureen said...

*sobbing* That is all. I can't bring myself to go and try it.

brenty said...

Here's a tissue Maureen. I'm crying with you. Want to go to Sea Island today?

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