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Thursday, May 14, 2009

River Walk Construction Update...

Getting close. They say we are only a week or two away from the grand opening of the river walk extension. So since I had to run to my downtown office the other day, I thought I'd snap a picture or two.These are pictures taken from the usual location, the bridge at McCullough Ave near North St. Mary's Street. Here. we are looking north of the downtown area. Notice the ground cover coming in a little more.Looking toward downtown, you can see the palm trees are still taking root and the light poles are firmly in place. Off in the distance is the Lexington Street bridge and there is a river barge turning around (since the water pretty much stops there).

Oh, and if it is hard to follow what is where, I have a special little treat I made just for you; a movie.


yellowdog granny said...

wow.this is great news...can't wait to come down and see it all once again..
waco is still working on their river walk...

Roxanne said...

wow, it's really coming along. The River Walk looked nice before but sidewalk space was limited. That looks really nice.

Anonymous said...

Eva says:)

It's now open as of May 15th. Made the news and everything so now ya have to go back and take pics of it full of water. Hmm do you think that is why we are now .2 from Stage 2 water restriction? My fruit trees need water dang it. If the city can fill their moat I can water my peaches.

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